Technical data

Our favorite and state of the art Food Truck. It is in operation for over 40 years in the manufacturer’s own rotisserie chicken company. Here you find some technical data.

The advantages are obvious: professional, durable, robust, fire proof, easy to clean and the grillmaster is on an eye level with the customer.
The expression “sell-outside sales vehicle” stands for an enclosed point of sale though the grillmaster stands outside of the vehicle and has direct contact to his customers.
Vice versa the customer is able to see all details in the cooking operations. That generates s a big show effect without any secrets.

Sales operations in Germany


  • The truck is equipped with two Hertel Grill units.
    The smaler unit offers space for 11 spits with 5 main burners and 2 intermediate burners.
    The bigger unit offers space for 13 spits with 6 main burners and 3 intermediate burners.
  • The superstructure, made in Germany, is attached to an amerikan made Mercedes Benz Sprinter cab chassis.
  • On our US models the sales flap opens to the right side of driving direction.
  • The sales operation is an enclosed point by extendable wind screens and wind barriers.
  • The two gas Containers have a capacity of circa 50 gallons of propane gas. They are installed horizontally within a fire-proof compartment in the back of the superstructure.
    50 gallons usually last for four to six shifts (if a shift is defined as either lunch or dinner period).
  • Electrical power supply for grilling operation and refrigeration is provided by a built in power generator – no external power outlet necessary.
  • Two refrigeration compartments; capacity for up to 80 spits of chicken or other meats, drinks, sides and  deserts.
  • Two hygienic units: one with a two compartment sink for the operator including soap dispenser and a holder for paper towels, another one with a big three compartment sink in the back of the vehicle.
  •  Huge watertank and a gas water heater for the sinks.