Framework Conditions

Here you can find the Framework Conditions for the Rotisserie Food Trucks we offer.

What you get

  • Hertel Grilltechnik Rotisserie Food Truck
  • 100 spits for grilling operation
  • Stainless steel folding table
  • Tablecloths, canopy and wheel cover in choosable colors
  • Adhesive film decals according to customer requirements
  • Poultry shears and other equipment

Services included

  • Safety check of the gas system every two years
  • Replacement of the spit holder bearings every four years
  • Gas tanks and gas system intensively checked every 10 years
  • Certain amounts of spare parts (consumables) per year
  • Training in safety, hygiene and handling
  • Access to detailed teaching material on safety, hygiene and process

Additionally obtainable Services

  • Warming bags in favorite design
  • Additional Training (e.g. grill operation and process)
  • Development of system materials (hygiene concepts, system concepts)
  • New equipment (tablecloths, canopy, wheel cover, shears etc.)
  • Chicken on the roof
  • Vehicle delivery to customer address
  • Generator services

Further Information

  • For service purposes, the vehicle must be made available to the lessor annually for at least three days if lessor demands so. These three days may be chosen arbitrarily by the lessor.
  • Yearly technical service at Mercedes Benz is mandatory.
  • Our sales vehicles are offered on the basis of a leasing contract. The monthly Leasing rate is about $ 4,000, depending on the scope of Services.
  • Minimum contract term: 5 years.


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