Rotisserie Chicken

Grilling chicken…

Grilling chicken well to the desired doneness generates a feast for the senses!

The look, the smell, the heat, the taste!


Spits of chicken in different stages

Of course it is very important to enjoy the feast as long as it is still hot and juicy! Therefor well developed Rotisserie Units allow a good grillmaster to cook all birds just in sequence, when the customers appear.
Usually there are five to six chicken on one spit. A spit needs 80 to 100 minutes to be well done. The time depends on the size of the chicken. A good grillmaster times the spits in a manner to serve all customers with fresh well cooked chicken at any time.

This is possible if you establish a system in your grill process. But how may such a process look like? The following example shows how such a system might be implemented:

Example 1: Service for lunchtime.

Imagine you have a nice street corner for lunch Service every thursday. The sales Dynamics of such a Corner might look as the following Chart:

10:30-10:00: 3
11:30: 5
12:00: 7
12:30: 8
01:00: 5
01:30: 5
02:00: 3
02:30: 4

This means that you expect to sell about 48 whole chickens during lunchtime, which equals 8 spits if you have 6 chickens on one spit.

The following pics show you how the spits might “rotate” through the System.

Imagine the funny balls as chickens on a spit. The colour indicates the degree of doneness from blue (0% cold, out of the fridge) to dark Brown (100% well done, crispy Skin). On the left side of the “Grill Units” you see the spit position’s name (Hold, Position 3, Position 2, Position 1, Saleposition and Fireposition). On the right side you see the order number of the spits.

Using such methods will help you become a grandmaster of grilling chicken!

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