Rotisserie Ducks

As specialties we understand all meats that are not Chicken like Pork Legs and Ducks for example. Rotisserie Ducks should be prepared in a different way than Chicken for the following two reasons:

  • The required cooking times are completely different.
  • Ducks need special treatment to become well cooked.

In the following paragraphs we will show you how to grill


crispy grilled duckPreparing ducks in a way to get them crispy and still juicy is a discipline of the master league of grilling specialities.
So tastefullll…..

The preparation of ducks in the rotisserie grill is demanding because they are quite large. They are the largest pieces of meat we recommend to prepare in Hertel Rotisserie Units. Ducks still work well as they have a very fatty skin which protects the meat from getting dry in a long lasting grill process.
You want the meat to be well and evenly cooked, still juicy and the skin nice and crispy. The key to meeting these requirements is to grill the bird for a fairly long time on a small flame.

Rotisserie Ducks between chicken
You will have grilled these Ducks perfectly well done in about 20 minutes.

For a 5 pound bird we recommend to get it warmed up neatly. To warm it up you locate the spit with the ducks one level above a burning burner for about 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you equip the burner below the Ducks with another spit of meats or if it’s empty. After 90 minutes the Ducks should still be raw but evenly warmed through.

Now you can put the ducks on a burner with low flame for two hours (see the picture above, the burner only shows a weak glow) . They should be perfect after that treatment.

Ideally you check the internal temperature of the meat regularly by inserting a roasting thermometer into the meat.
The Duck is perfect when the thermometer shows 165°F (75°C) at the coldest point. Finding the coldest spot takes a little practice. It is better to put the thermometer into the duck a few times more often.

165°F must be reached at every point of every Duck to make sure to offer save products!

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